name.com停止提供免费Private Whois

在国内知名度较高的域名主机注册商Name.com终于也停止免费的Private Whois服务了,4月21日起注册顶级gTLD需要另外交纳1.99$/年的费用。以前注册的带隐私保护的域名当域名到期后免费的隐私保护自动失效。




Hi folks. always strives to offer the lowest price on all our products and up until today we’ve been able to offer Private Whois for free for a long time. These types of posts are never fun, and no one enjoys raising prices, but sometimes it becomes necessary so we can continue to offer these great services.

While some registrars charge as much as eight or nine dollars per domain for this service, our new promotional price, starting today, is only $1.99 per domain annually. This means we are still offering some of the best pricing for this service anywhere. We realize that changes like this can impact our customer’s plans and budgets, so we’ve taken some proactive steps that we feel will help to curb the impact of this new change. Those actions are:

  • All domains that currently have Private Whois already turned on will continue to receive it for free.
  • The new pricing will begin today and will only apply to domains that don’t already have Private Whois enabled and/or new domain registrations.
  • We are running a promotional price of just $1.99/domain per year, which is one of the lowest prices available.
  • We’ve created a promo code called “FREEWHOIS” that will discount the current special pricing of $1.99 to $0.00, making this service free for the first year for orders using this promo code.

Beyond that, we will continue to offer promotions for discounted domains, so keep an eye on this blog and our Twitter and Facebook pages for promo codes.

We hope our customers understand this was a difficult decision for us to make, but that we’ve tried to soften the impact as much as possible. As always if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our support department or your account representative.




name.com停止提供免费Private Whois” 有 62 条评论

  1. 啊,我的就是在name注册的域名,并开通了免费whois保护的,是不是说下次续费的时候就不享受这样的待遇了?

  2. 可惜我年少无知,不然以前就注册name的~


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